A Green Future Ahead

Who We Are
  • More than 50 subsidiaries

    Business in multiple locations at home and abroad

    Leveraging its unique competitiveness in domestic and international market, Goray Energy Group is trailblazing in the development, engineering construction and operation efficiency of wind power projects. 5,500MW is available for development, while an installed capacity of 3,000MW is in operation and under construction. We aspire to become an international clean energy player, connect beautiful life by green energy globally, and bring clean energy to millions of households.

  • Focus on major business

    Build ecosystem with strategic energy partners

    Our strategic partners for stable and clean energy includes Zhejiang Windey, State Grid, SPIC, Shandong Development and Investment Group, PowerChina, Goldwind etc. We constantly foster the transformation from traditional energy to smart energy, renewable energy and comprehensive energy, and demonstrate the ability to control, influence and drive in the clean energy field.

  • Initiate new business

    Optimize business structure

    In the face of the energy industry trend at home and abroad, we actively expand the horizon by setting up power selling company, develop power distribution and selling, plan power station operation and maintenance, and explore energy Internet possibilities, all of which help to keep sustainable innovation and healthy momentum in the Group.

  • Commit to diversified development

    Roll out capitalized operation

    Driven by strategic thinking, a number of new energy industry funds for clean energy projects have been prepared jointly with Aeon Life, Three Gorges Capital, Shanghai Electric, Jiaze New Energy and local governments’ investment platforms.

  • Draw momentum from innovation

    Pursue long-term success

    The innovation in science and technology will lead to innovation in management model, culture etc. Aiming at grasping the trend of clean energy and key technical issues, we collaborate with Tsinghua University to set up work stations for academicians and experts, invest and research in fields such as charging facilities, power trading, distributed wind power, sea water desalination, energy storage, energy Internet, rocket launcher and artificial intelligence, which will bring firms, universities, and research institutes together, accelerate the transformation of scientific research results and support the Group's development.

What Can We Do
  • Offer integrated solution for the development
    investment, construction and operation of renewable energy projects
  • Empower energy by finance
    consolidate resources in industrial chain, coordinate for high efficiency, and control cost precisely
  • Operate innovatively
    commercialize energy research and stimulate high-quality development in new energy industry

Core Strengths

  • Strength in industry
    over 10 years’ expertise
    Deeply rooted in the new energy industry,professional skills in power station design, construction and operation,hands-on experiences in cutting-edge technologies and data accumulation
  • Strength in development
    over 10 GW
    As one of the private players with plentiful renewable resource reserve, increasing market share can be expected as we march into regional markets and kick-off more operations.
  • Strength in innovation
    Innovation driven
    Embed innovation in strategy, business, technology and management, establish Design Institute of Smart Wind Power and focus on the cutting-edge trend in new energy
  • Strength in management
    synergized performance
    Operate in a professional and details-oriented manner, offer integrated service in development, design, consulting, investment, construction, operation and management, control the whole process, and secure profitability